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Unlocking Wellness Together, Depression Awareness Course with Alastair Campbell
Join Attracta O’Regan as she chats with Alastair Campbell, #1 bestselling author, communicator and strategist about the causes, signs and coping strategies for living with depression. 
This CPD course has been designed by solicitors for solicitors with support from @SkillnetIreland and expert guidance from professional wellbeing, psychological and educational experts. It’s aim is to provide wellbeing awareness training to support you to unlock your own wellbeing and to support colleagues to do so too. To access this Free course click 
This course is brought to you by Law Society Finuas Skillnet to support the Law Society Professional Wellbeing project. Click here to access additional wellbeing supports 
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Popular Diploma in Family Law returns this September
Applications are now being accepted for the Diploma in Family Law which commences on the 28 of September 2021. 
This course is designed to provide participants with a comprehensive understanding of family law in this jurisdiction and will examine recent cutting-edge developments in core areas of family law and practice. The objective of this diploma is to provide practitioners with an essential overview of the many recent developments in family law and the implications for day-to-day client advice, practice, and procedure. 
Recent legislative initiatives to be considered will include the Children and Family Relationships Act 2015, the Domestic Violence Act 2018 (which brings in significant changes to reliefs available to those in an intimate relationship), and the Assisted Human Reproduction Bill 2017. The course also focuses on topical family law issues, such as family breakdown, child custody, and the increasingly practical issue of enforcement of orders abroad. Other matters reviewed will include parentage, surrogacy arrangements, and the law relating to guardianship, custody of, and access to children.
For further information visit  or contact Riona Leahy, Course Leader, by emailing: 
Unlocking Wellness Together, Anxiety Awareness Training Course – Online On Demand with Caroline Foran
Caroline Foran, award winning journalist and no.1 international bestselling author and podcaster of  Owning It: Your Bulls*t Free Guide to Living With Anxiety, has worked with the Law Society Finuas Skillnet Team to develop a NEW online Anxiety Awareness Training Course for Solicitors. 
This course explores what anxiety is and tools and techniques to help you and others to deal with anxiety as a healthy part of your life. 
This CPD series has been designed by solicitors for solicitors with expert guidance from professional wellbeing, psychological and educational experts. Its aim is to provide wellbeing awareness training to support you to unlock your own wellbeing and to support colleagues to do so too. Click here to access this free course 
This series is brought to you by Law Society Finuas Skillnet to support the Law Society Professional Wellbeing project. Click here to access additional wellbeing supports 
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Diploma in Environmental Law and Planning – the future is green
Following the hugely successfully MOOC in Environmental Law and Climate Change, with over 4,000 participants from 50 countries, the Diploma Centre is delighted to open applications for the Diploma in Environmental and Planning Law, which was last delivered in 2017.
Starting on 5 October 2021, this course aims to provide a comprehensive practical overview of the current legislative framework in the environmental and planning realms. The overall objective is to assist practitioners in determining what planning and environmental legislation applies and what the exposure is for clients arising from this. 
On completion of this programme, participants will be able to:
•Demonstrate a clear understanding of the overall structure of environmental and planning law in Ireland and the role of the organisations entrusted with overseeing the implementation of same;
•Describe specific areas of environmental law such as waste management law, climate change, and air and noise pollution;
•Explain the planning application procedure, the determination of a planning application and the appeals process, and the impact that environmental law has on planning;
•Illustrate the legislative framework and regulation of planning law in Ireland;
•Analyse litigation in the area in light of recent judicial decisions. 
Applications are encouraged from solicitors working in the areas of conveyancing and planning and environmental law, trainee solicitors and students seeking to expand their knowledge on the area of study, Barristers who practice in the area of environmental law, civil servants and those working within a local authority in environmental and planning departments and other suitably qualified professionals.
For further information or to apply, please contact Programme Leader, Liam Dunne, 
Solicitor at 
Personal Effectiveness Training for Legal Support Staff – webinar 15 September
This is essential training for legal support staff in organisational skills and wellbeing. A live webinar to cover best practice in organising oneself to be able to prioritise the important and to adapt, professionally and personally to the challenges of a post-lockdown working world.
By gaining the tools to self-organise participants’ job satisfaction, wellbeing and productivity will be enhanced. The live webinar will include active participation from participants in breakout sessions and will include an opportunity to discuss future training and networking needs. 
A delegate who attends this webinar will gain a knowledge and understanding of how to:
•prepare their work environment;
•separate home and work;
•prioritise techniques and sequencing of key tasks;
•follow on plans;
•realistically  time schedule;
•determine levels of accessibility and manage interruptions and
•handle stress and prioritise relaxation.
Date15 September 2021
Time 2.00pm to 4.30pm
VenueLive Zoom webinar with breakout sessions 
CPD Hours 2.5 General (by eLearning)
To book find out more about the webinar and to book your place or a place for your staff, please click Support Staff Webinar or contact a member of the Finuas Skillnet Team for more information. 
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Invest your time in the Diploma in Finance Law
The ever-changing nature of financial markets and their regulation provides a constant need to keep up-to-date with this area of law. The Diploma in Finance Law provides a comprehensive and in-depth understanding of the regulation of financial and capital markets.
Beginning on 12 October 2021, this diploma course will examine the provision of financial services from a national and international perspective.
This dynamic area is constantly subject to regulatory and statutory changes at both a European and national level. 
The modules in this diploma will consider the current financial services market in Ireland and the regulatory framework in which it operates. Ireland is recognised as a global financial services and technology hub, and the course will examine the use of FinTech and RegTech in the industry. The course also focuses on specific technical and legal aspects, including a review of the underlying principles and characteristics of banking and financial markets, perspectives on corporate finance, and the regulatory issues that relate to domestic and international capital markets. There is also a focus on capital markets, loan financing and corporate governance. 
Workshops are a key feature of this course with an emphasis on the application of finance law to common scenarios encountered in practice.
For further information on the course and the application process visit the Diploma Centre pages on our website or contact Deirdre Flynn, Course Leader, on


Employment Law: returning to the workplace online on demand

Employment Law: Returning to the Workplace is a practical and up-to-date insight into employment issues arising from employees returning to the work place during times of Covid-19.


Topics and Speakers are:


An introduction to the issues arising from employees returning to the workplace

Melanie Crowley, Partner Mason Hayes and Curran Solicitors, Dublin


A practical guide to managing the workforce and the challenges arising from employees’ return to the workplace

Richard Grogan, Principal, Richard Grogan & Associates Solicitors, Dublin


GDPR issues arising from working from home

Kate Colleary, Principal, Colleary & Co Solicitors, Dublin


A practical guide to providing a safe working environment for employees

Criona Turley, CEO & Co-Founder Capella


To access the course and to find out more click on Employment Law: Returning to the Workplace


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Register for the Diploma in Technology/IP Law now
The Diploma in Technology and IP Law, which commences on 13 October 2021, will provide a detailed insight into the current framework of laws relating to technology and IP in Ireland.
Ireland has a booming tech market and has become a significant digital hub for Europe. It is of vital importance that all organisations and their people understand the law relating to technology and intellectual property and that all legal advisers have the requisite knowledge to advise on these matters. 
This extended diploma programme is designed to give comprehensive coverage of this dynamic and innovated area and the broad range of legal issues arising from technology and intellectual property developments in this digital age.
Lecturers will chart latest trends in technology and provide a wide-ranging analysis of issues relating to intellectual property rights, advising on data protection strategies, and managing transactional issues.  
The course offers an insight into the world of cyber-crime and suggests possible corporate risk management strategies that companies can implement.  Separately there will be analysis of applicable torts such as defamation and the rights and duties attaching to social media, blogging and internet usage. Finally, the law relating to key technology such as the Cloud, nanotechnology, biomedical technology, biometrics, wearable technology, driverless vehicles, Fintech and Blockchain will be examined.  
Module overview:
Module 1: Intellectual property
Module 2: Data protection
Module 3: Technology contracts
Module 4: Social media
Module 5: The law and technology
For further information visit: or contact Course Leader,  Riona Leahy by emailing:
Law Society Finuas Skillnet CPD Clusters for Autumn 2021

The Law Society Finuas Skillnet Clusters are run in collaboration with the regional bar associations and will provide essential practice updates on key issues relevant to general practitioners. Each Cluster is different. The first for autumn 2021 is in September followed by more in November and December.

The dates are below – there will be more detail to follow soon.

9 September – Essential General Practice Update Kerry 2021in partnership with Kerry Law Society. Click on the link above to book your place on this webinar.

4 November –  Connaught Solicitors’ Symposium 2021 in partnership with Mayo Solicitors’ Bar Association

11 November - General Practice Update Kilkenny 2021 in partnership with Carlow Bar Association, Kilkenny Bar Association, Waterford Law Society and Wexford Bar Association

18 November – Practitioner Update Cork 2021 in partnership with the Southern Law Association

25 November - North East CPD 2021 in partnership with Cavan Bar Association, Drogheda Bar Association, Louth Bar Association and Monaghan Bar Association

1 December – Practice and Regulation Symposium in partnership with Dublin Solicitors’ Bar Association

Topics, speakers and timings vary from venue to venue and offer a mix of general, regulatory matters and management and professional development CPD hours.

Make a booking

For more information about the 2021 clusters, please click here, or contact a member of the Finuas Skillnet Team. There will be regular updates to the website.

Email: Finuas

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Certificate in Immigration Law and Practice – applications now open
The Diploma Centre’s popular Certificate in Immigration Law and Practice course begins on 4 November 2021. 
This certificate will offer an in-depth analysis of immigration law and its application in Ireland. The central pieces of legislation covered by the course include the Aliens Acts, the Immigration Acts, the Refugee Act 1996, the Illegal Immigrants (Trafficking) Act 2000, the Irish Nationality and Citizenship Acts, the International Protection Act 2015, and the numerous statutory instruments covering immigration and citizenship. The course also scrutinises the manner in which this legislation has been interpreted over the years by the courts, the Garda National Immigration Bureau (GNIB) and by Irish Naturalisation and Immigration Service (INIS) together with the impact of Brexit.
The course examines:
•The legal, social and political context of immigration to Ireland,
•The various visa and stamp categories that permit entry to and residence in the State, including employment and business visas,
•Issues associated with asylum, subsidiary protection, and forced migration,
•Issues relating to deportation, removal, and repatriation.
Participants will be guided through the practical aspects of the law by experienced legal practitioners, members of the public sector, and high-ranking representatives of international bodies, non-governmental organisations, and large multinationals. 
Applications are welcomed from lawyers working in the area as well as professionals working in non-governmental organisations, international bodies, and statutory bodies with an immigration remit, human resource professionals working in multinational companies, professionals working in corporate migration, public service employees who work in the area of asylum and immigration, and Individuals who have an interest in Irish immigration law.
For further information visit: or contact Course Leader Suzanne Crilly by emailing 
Construction Law: The Fundamentals – an online on-demand masterclass

The return of this popular masterclass; a practical course presented by leading experts, to introduce, update and develop practitioners’ knowledge in the area of Construction Law. Access the presentations online, on-demand and learn at your own pace.

This course is relevant to solicitors, barristers and those employed in the construction industry. It is also of particular relevance to unemployed solicitors or those who wish to return to practice after a period of absence. 

The Speakers are: Martin Cooney, Partner, Byrne Wallace Solicitors, Dublin and Mary Liz Mahony, Counsel, Dentons Ireland.

Construction law is an area of legal practice that is experiencing increased growth in the current environment. This legal service demand is anticipated to increase over the coming months. 

Topics and issues covered in the masterclass

  1. Introduction to the law of obligations - Part 1: Contract law overview
  2. Introduction to the law of obligations - Part 2: Tort law overview
  3. Typical construction project procurement / standard form contracts
  4. Overview of the RIAI Building Agreement
  5. Defects
  6. Statutory Requirements: Duties and Obligations
  7. Development Finance & Project Security
  8. Dispute Resolution: Mediation/ Conciliation & Arbitration
  9. Dispute Resolution: The Construction Contracts Act 2013 and Adjudication
  10. Expert evidence & procedure

 To book your place or find out more click on Construction Law: The Fundamentals

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