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Diploma in Trust and Estate Planning Returns
The Law Society of Ireland Diploma Centre and the Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners (STEP) offer this course jointly. 
Starting on Saturday 12 September, the course has been designed by practitioners with specialist exposure to give a practical insight into key estate planning, legal- and tax-based concerns for private clients in the area of trust and estates. The focus of the diploma course is to enable successful candidates to advise clients on all aspects of the creation of wills, the operation of trusts, associated tax implications, and overall estate planning for clients. Practical in its approach, this course provides participants with real-life situations that practitioners face, and it gives real solutions to problems encountered.
The Diploma in Trust and Estate Planning is based on the following module scheme and covers key themes as listed below:
Module 1: Course introduction
• Lifetime and estate planning,
• Basic legal principles,
• Basic tax principles.
Module 2: Introduction to taxation issues
• Application of tax principles,
• CGT, income tax, stamp duty, CAT,
• Double taxation agreements. 
Module 3: Lifetime and estate planning
• Lifetime gifting and passing of value on death,
• Legal issues and tax implications of wealth planning structures,
• Financial planning. 
Module 4: Trust drafting
• Requirements of a valid trust,
• Classification of trusts,
• Drafting an effective trust deed.
Module 5: Administration of trusts
• Office of trustee and trustee powers,
• Breach of trust,
• Tax issues in trusts.
Module 6: Will drafting 
• Testamentary capacity,
• Solicitors’ duty of care,
• Assisted decision-making. 
Module 7: Administration of estates
• Applying for the grant,
• Litigation,
• Distribution of assets. 
Our lecturers are drawn from solicitors, barristers, financial and other professionals with a variety of probate, tax and financial backgrounds. All lecturers are members of STEP Ireland and are experienced practitioners in the area of wills, probate, trusts, tax and estate planning generally. 
For further information visit or contact us by email: or telephone: 01 672 4802.


CPD Clusters 2020 are back in the Autumn in Cork, Donegal, Leitrim, Limerick, Kerry, Kilkenny, Monaghan and Mayo
CPD Clusters 2020 are back in the autumn in Cork, Donegal, Leitrim, Limerick, Kerry, Kilkenny, Monaghan and Mayo. It will be possible to attend in person (subject to social distancing restrictions) or via a live link.
The 2020 Law Society Finuas Skillnet clusters are run in collaboration with the regional bar associations and will provide essential practice updates on key issues relevant to general practitioners as well as providing delegates attending in person an opportunity to network with colleagues. Topics and speakers vary from venue to venue and offer a mix of general, regulatory matters and management and professional development skills CPD hours.
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10 September – Essential General Practice Update Kerry – Ballygarry House Hotel, Tralee, Co Kerry & LIVE Online
16 September – Essential Solicitor Update – The Strand Hotel, Limerick, Co Limerick & LIVE Online
9 October – North East CPD Day – Glencarn Hotel, Castleblayney, Co Monaghan & LIVE Online
14 October – Essential Solicitor Update – Landmark Hotel, Carrick on Shannon, C o Leitrim & LIVE Online
6 November – Connaught Solicitors’ Symposium – Breaffy House Hotel, Castlebar, Co Mayo & LIVE Online
13 November – General Practice Update Kilkenny – Hotel Kilkenny, Kilkenny, Co Kilkenny & LIVE Online
20 November – Practitioner Update Cork – The Kingsley Hotel, Cork, Co Cork & LIVE Online
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Diploma in Insolvency Law is Open for Applications
The Diploma Centre is inviting applications to the latest course to be added to our portfolio, the Diploma in Insolvency Law and Corporate Restructuring. Areas covered will include insolvency and corporate restructuring; liquidation, examinership, receivership and bankruptcy. 
Offered as part of the Diploma Centre’s autumn 2020 course programme, this new course will begin on 7 October 2020.
This diploma course aims to provide a comprehensive practical overview of the current legislative framework in Ireland with respect to insolvency and corporate restructuring from an analysis of basic concepts of debt restructuring, to a consideration of more complex issues, such as financing considerations that may arise during the corporate restructuring process. The course will also delve into the effects of insolvency on companies in Ireland. It will examine in detail the obligations on the directors and the options for the company from initiating the corporate restructuring, to court procedures, to the enforcement of judgements.
The final module of the course will provide a practical knowledge of the practice and procedure of personal insolvency in Ireland including bankruptcy.
Practitioners will be prepared for dealing with all aspects of insolvency and personal bankruptcy in the challenging times ahead. 
For further information visit or contact Course Leader Cian Monahan, Solicitor, by email at 
New Employment Law Masterclass – Practical Solutions to Common Problems – available online and you can earn up to 7 General CPD Hours
This online masterclass is in two parts and gives practitioners a highly practical and up-to-date insight into common problem areas of employment law as well as 7 General CPD Hours.
The speakers are leading employment law experts and share their knowledge and expertise in a series of lectures. This eLearning course includes a set of detailed papers written by the speakers and an introduction to the new administrative changes in the Labour Court from the Labour Court’s Deputy Chairman, Alan Haugh. The introduction looks at: increased digitisation, new appeal forms, submission of appeals online, receipt of submissions in PDF format and amendments to Labour Court Rules.
Topics and Issues covered:
• What is a fair dismissal?
• Disciplinary proceedings
• Gender discrimination
• Mandatory retirement: where are we now?
• GDPR and employment
• Organisation of Working Time Act 1997
• Administrative and Service Changes in the Labour Court
Speakers and Chair:
Alan Haugh BL, Deputy Chairman Labour Court
Deirdre Crowley, Partner, Matheson Solicitors, Cork
Melanie Crowley, Partner, Mason Hayes and Curran Solicitors, Dublin
Ailbhe Dennehy, William Fry Solicitors, Dublin
Richard Grogan, Principal, Richard Grogan & Associates Solicitors, Dublin
Alastair Purdy, Principal, Alastair Purdy & Co., Solicitors, Galway
Des Ryan BL, Law Library, Dublin
How to register for this eLearning Course
Available now – you can book online HERE
On receipt of payment login details will be sent to you. This eLearning course is available from date of purchase until 31 December 2020.
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Launch of Autumn 2020 Diploma Programme
The Diploma Centre has opened this new academic year with a range of courses that include both regular core fields of interest for solicitors as well as innovative programmes that reflect specialist areas of practice. Applications are now open! 
We are delighted to offer a total of 19 courses, including five certificates and 14 diplomas, in addition to our LLM in Advanced Legal Practice, LLM in Employment Law in Practice and our Professional Doctorate in Law programme. 
Courses on offer this autumn include the:
• Diploma in Education Law
• Diploma in Technology and IP Law
• Diploma in Insolvency Law and Corporate Restructuring 
• Certificate in Agribusiness and Food Law
• LLM Advanced Legal Practice 
• Certificate in Immigration Law and Practice
All lectures are webcast making them ideal for the busy professional and those based around the country. Interactive workshops are an additional feature of all courses. 
To comply with future social distancing requirements, our autumn 2020 courses may, if necessary, commence online initially and then move onsite pursuant to Covid-19 public health advice.  
Additionally, arising from the current Covid-19 crisis, the Law Society’s Diploma Centre has launched a suite of initiatives to support solicitors and their practices in their continued professional development.
As part of these initiatives, the Diploma Centre has introduced discounts on its 2020 certificate and diploma courses to assist Law Society members at this time.
• Any unemployed solicitor (including retired solicitors) may now avail of a 35% discount on course fees.
• Solicitors who are working short-time/reduced hours may avail of a 25% discount.
For further information or to apply visit  or telephone: 01 672 4802.
GDPR in Action: Guidance for Legal Practitioners on Data Security and Data Breaches Online Seminar
Data security and data breaches are important to solicitors and their firms. Complete this practical online seminar, update your knowledge and gain 1 CPD hour of Regulatory Matters.
Practitioners owe significant confidentiality obligations to their clients, which include taking measures to keep data secure. In addition, practitioners may need to advise clients on data security issues or advise individuals who are affected by a data security incident. Listen to Paul Lavery share his expertise and experience in this area of law.
Aim and Objectives
This is a practical session which aims to give guidance to practitioners in order to assist them in keeping data secure and dealing with a data breach, as well as giving guidance on how to advise a client. The speaker is a leading expert in this field and shares his knowledge and expertise.
Topics covered include
• Legislative provisions under the GDPR and the Data Protection Act 2018 relevant to data security and data breaches
• Data Protection Commissioner’s guidelines
• Appointing service providers
• How to respond to a data breach
• Personal data breach notifications and considerations
o Notification to the Data Protection Commissioner
o Notification to the data subject
• Post reporting, including
o Potential DPC enquiries
o Potential investigations
o Potential data subject enquiries
o Ongoing controller investigation and resolution
• Clients and their data security and data breaches
o potential division of responsibility in medium to large client organisations
o potential division of responsibility in smaller client organisations
• Coronavirus and data security
Paul Lavery, Partner, McCann FitzGerald Solicitors, Dublin
Paul is head of the Technology & Innovation Group in McCann FitzGerald and advises on a wide range of data protection, information technology, outsourcing, e-commerce, confidentiality and intellectual property issues. He writes and lectures widely on these and other topics. He is also a member of the Law Society Intellectual Property & Data Protection Law Committee
DateAvailable from date of purchase until 31 December 2020
Mode Online
Fee €95
CPD Hours 1 Hour Regulatory Matters (by eLearning)
NOTE: Following your participation in this course Law Society Finuas Skillnet will issue you with a digital CPD certificate using blockchain-based technology. With blockchain, you can verify with others - such as the Law Society CPD Scheme section - the authenticity of your certificate in a matter of seconds. This initiative is the result of collaboration between Law Society Finuas Skillnet and VerifyEd. In summary, you will be provided with a complimentary secure, virtual library where you can save your future digital CPD certificates. This allows Law Society Finuas Skillnet to better serve you, our member, by providing an encrypted platform to issue CPD certificates with cryptographic proof that they were issued by Law Society Finuas Skillnet. 
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Learn to Navigate the Legal Landscape of a Modern Construction Project
The increasing complexity of construction law provides for a proliferation of contracts and conflict and dispute resolution mechanisms. The Diploma in Construction Law will provide a comprehensive overview of the specialised discipline of construction law and practice in Ireland. 
Beginning on 10 October 2020, the Diploma in Construction Law will take a practical approach to the complex issues that arise from the multiparty nature of the construction process. Participants will be introduced to the standard forms of construction contracts with particular focus on the Public Works and RIAI Contracts. There will be specialised introductory streams for lawyers and non-lawyers and specific modules on the tendering process and construction dispute resolution. Other prominent areas of study will include: 
• The Construction Contracts Act 2013, 
• Allocation of risk between the employer and the contractor, 
• Collateral warranties and bonds, specialists and sub-contractors, and 
• The Building Control (Amendment) Regulations 2014. 
Practical training through the use of case studies and workshops will be enhanced by looking at the overall regulation of construction and the role of regulatory authorities, case law, and recent and future developments.
For further information visit: or contact Course Leader Liam Dunne at 
#ReBound - COVID-19 Safety, Health and Welfare at Work Masterclass
This masterclass is aimed at solicitors and barristers who advise SMEs, business owners and managers across all industry sectors in Ireland. 
This interactive online course will provide lawyers with a highly practical and in-depth analysis of the legislation, case law and best practice guidance relating to COVID-19 safety, health and welfare at work and its implications for employers and employees. It will also address the relevant legal principles and new practice and procedure norms. It is specifically tailored for lawyers who wish to update their knowledge and skills in relation to workplace health and safety, employment law and practice, occupiers’ liability and civil liability. Lawyers completing this course will be in a position to advise clients in relation to the legal implications of the new work place norm including remote working.
• The Safety, Health and Welfare at Work Act 2005 – Refresher Overview. 
Martin Cooney, Partner and Head of Construction Law, Byrne Wallace
The Safety, Health and Welfare at Work (General Application) Regulations 2007-2020. Martin Cooney, Partner and Head of Construction Law, Byrne Wallace
• COVID-19 Legislation & Best Practice Guidance – HSE Coronavirus (COVID-19) Best Practice and Guidance; HSA Return to Work Safely Protocol and associated best practice guides; NSAI COVID-19 Workplace Protection and Improvement Guide; Department of Business, Enterprise and Innovation guides and templates; Department of Education and Skills guidance and best practice; Department of Justice and Equality legislation and best practice guidance; Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine and associated HSE guidance. 
Patrick Mullins, Solicitor, BDM Boylan Solicitors
• Occupiers Liability Act 1995 and case law precedents. 
Patrick Mullins, Solicitor, BDM Boylan Solicitors
• Civil Liability and Courts Act 2004 & amending regulations. 
Michelle Loughnane, Partner and Head of the Litigation and Contentious Business Department, Richard Grogan & Associates Solicitors
• Employment legislation relevant to health and safety in the work place. 
Richard Grogan, Partner & Head of Employment & Dispute Resolution, Richard Grogan & Associates Solicitors
• How to prepare for a HSA Inspection.
HSA inspector TBC
This list of topics could expand due to new Government guidance. It is anticipated that this programme will comprise of 8 - 10 hours of online training divided into 7 modules, with additional hours for independent learning and knowledge checks. The modules will be released over a number of weeks commencing the third week of July and concluding in September 2020. The gradual release of modules ensures that if Government guidance changes updates can be included over the duration of this initiative. Access to this course will close on 30 September 2020. 
Training Delivery Methodology 
This masterclass will be delivered online and will be hosted on the Law Society Finuas Skillnet LegalEDTalks COVID-19 learning management hub. All content produced by our legal experts will be transformed by an eLearning instructional/content designer who will apply various interactive software tools to produce the masterclass into a quality eLearning course in line with best practice. 
This will include interactive audio/visual lectures, interactive knowledge checks, close captioning to comply with disability accessibility, an online resource library comprising all legislation, guidance and protocols and expert subject matter papers designed specifically for this masterclass. Learner tracking, evaluation/reflective surveys and CPD accreditation will be automatically incorporated into this innovative masterclass. 
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The Diploma in Sports Law will be Kicking off Soon!
The Diploma Centre is delighted to offer the Diploma in Sports Law, which will commence Wednesday 21 October 2020. 
This diploma provides participants with an insight into the dynamic area of sports law, both domestically and internationally. Modules will address the practical issues that practitioners from the smallest to the largest firms are called to advise on. The course begins with a review of regulation and governance of the sport sector and identifies and discusses the sporting governing bodies. It outlines how to set up a club and reviews the rules which need to be followed. The course also looks at club membership and the protection of both players and management. The issue of concussion and second impact syndrome has become very topical and we ask the question: how do clubs protect themselves and their players and members? Additionally, the area of child protection, which is key to ensuring that young people are safeguarded in their participation in sport, is examined. 
The course also provides a detailed examination of the commercialisation of sport, including sponsorship agreements, broadcasting, ticketing, and merchandising. Key issues such as corruption in sport, violence, gambling, and technology in sport will be considered; followed by an in-depth look at the WADA anti-doping code. 
Finally, the course looks at disciplinary procedures, both internal and external, to include the use of Alternative Dispute Resolution in sport. What disciplinary codes are in place and what codes should be in place? Furthermore what policies and procedures are in place to ensure these codes are adhered to and enforced? 
For further information visit: or contact Course Leader Riona Leahy at  
The Business of Wellbeing Summit – Live Online 30 September
As “working from home” becomes the norm, never could the topic of professional wellbeing and mental health be more important. Wellbeing programmes can benefit your business with; employee retention, reduced absenteeism, reduced presenteeism, increased productivity rates, and financial benefits.
This Summit is aimed at firms and individuals who take professional wellbeing seriously and who would like to know more about how wellbeing and mental health affect business. They may be developing or are considering developing a new wellbeing programme in light of COVID-19 workplace changes.  
The session will open with a presentation on the rights, risks and obligations of wellbeing and mental health in the workplace and will be followed by an analysis of why wellbeing pays off.  After the morning break there will be a presentation on developing a wellbeing business charter – its adoption, implementation and challenges arising for firms and practice. Subsequently, there will be an interactive panel discussion on the business case for wellbeing including industry experts and perspectives and experiences of other jurisdictions. After lunch, BlindBoy will discuss vicarious trauma, secondary trauma, stress and burnout with a special guest.
• Wellbeing and Mental Health in the Workplace – rights, risks and obligations
• Why Wellbeing Pays for You, Your Firm and Clients – the facts and figures
• Developing a Professional Wellbeing Business Charter – adoption and implementation for firms and practice
• The Business Case for Wellbeing – a luxury or necessity (Panel discussion)
• Vicarious trauma, secondary trauma, stress and burnout – what is this and what can your organisations do about it?
Antoinette Moriarty, Psychotherapist & Law School Psychological Services Manager,Law Society of Ireland, Dublin
Speakers/Panellists - in order of appearance
Michele O’Boyle, President, Law Society of Ireland
Teri Kelly, Director of Representation and Member Services, Law Society of Ireland
Michelle Ní Longáin, Partner, ByrneWallace Solicitors, Dublin
Katie da Gama, Business & Executive Coach and Leadership Development Consultant, Dublin
Richard Martin, Director, Byrne Dean, England
Jeanne Kelly, Senior Partner, LK Shields, Dublin
Guy Setford, CEO, Setfords Solicitors, England
Tara Doyle, Partner, Matheson, Dublin  
Stephen Bowcott, CEO John Sisk and Son, Dublin
Nick Bloy, Wellbeing Republic
Blindboy  - author, mental health activist, musician & Special Guest
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Conveyancers – Join the online Planning & Environmental Masterclass in September/October
This online Planning & Environmental Law Masterclass is aimed at all practitioners but particularly those acting in both residential and commercial transactions. 
The topics covered reflect the planning and environmental issues arising for conveyancers, in addition to an overview of the planning application and appeal process. Topics include: Planning warranty, Planning checklist & requisitions, S160 injunctions, Section 5 referrals, Section 47 agreements, The planning application (legal and procedural rules), Appeals and Judicial Review/Challenges to planning authority decisions, Planning compliance issues (7 year rule/BBL amnesty etc.), Contamination land issues, Wastewater and waste management law, Due diligence and environmental warranties.
This masterclass will be hosted on an online learning platform (Moodle). Pre-recorded lectures will be released weekly and related workshops will be held live via Zoom (see schedule below). Materials and other resources will be uploaded to Moodle. 
Pre-recorded lecture release dates: 10, 17, 24 September and 1, 8 October 2020 
Workshops live via Zoom: 11.00am to 12.00pm 
Fee €425 Discounted* Fee €350 
CPD Hours 8 General plus 2 Management & Professional Development Skills (by eLearning)
Topics and Issues to be covered
Lecture/Workshop 1: 
• Planning warranty – General Condition 36
• Pre-contract enquiries and searches
• Planning checklist & Requisitions
• Part V/Section 96 compliance
• Opinions of compliance 
Lecture/Workshop 2:
• Planning bonds & Financial contributions/taking in charge issues
• S160 injunctions
• Section 5 referrals and Issues relating to exempted developments
• Section 47 agreements 
• Arrangements with Irish Water re connections and planning compliance
• CPO’s
Lecture/Workshop 3:
• The planning application (legal and procedural rules)
• An Bord Pleanála oral hearings
Lecture/Workshop 4:
• Appeals and Judicial Review/Challenges to planning authority decisions
• Defending enforcement/prosecutions
• Planning compliance issues (7 year rule/BBL amnesty etc.)
Lecture/Workshop 5:
• Contamination Land Issues
• Habitats Directive 
• Wastewater and waste management Law
• Due diligence and environmental warranties  
• Building energy performance  
• Obligations pursuant to Strategic   Infrastructure legislation 
 Speakers Include:
Patrick Sweetman, Partner, Matheson, Dublin
Brendan Slattery, Partner, McCann FitzGerald, Dublin  
Finola McCarthy, Partner, Ronan Daly Jermyn, Cork
Alan Roberts, Partner, A & L Goodbody, Dublin
Prof. Yvonne Scannell, Consultant, Arthur Cox, Dublin
Danielle Conaghan, Partner, Arthur Cox, Dublin
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Blockchain: Law Society Finuas Skillnet launches Digital CPD Certificate Pilot
Law Society Finuas Skillnet is delighted to announce the launch of its new blockchain based Digital CPD Certificate. A digital certificate allows the authenticity of CPD compliance to be verified in seconds. Practitioners will be able to share and verify the certificate as proof of learning and development achievements. 
With blockchain, practitioners can verify with others - such as the Law Society CPD Scheme section - the authenticity of your certificate in a matter of seconds. Receive them once, share and verify them for a lifetime as proof of learning and development achievements.
This initiative is the result of collaboration between Law Society Finuas Skillnet and VerifyEd. Practitioners’ Digital CPD and educational certificates will be in one secure, digital location. In summary, you will be provided with a secure virtual library where you can save future digital CPD certificates.  This allows Law Society Finuas Skillnet the ability to better serve practitioners, by providing an encrypted platform to issue and store CPD certificates with cryptographic proof that they were issued by Law Society Finuas Skillnet.
We are piloting this with the GDPR in Action: Guidance for Legal Practitioners on Data Security and Data Breaches online seminar before hopefully expanding to all our CPD cluster events, masterclasses, workshops and seminars in 2021.


Personal Injuries Litigation Masterclass 2020
This Live Online course comprises lectures and an interactive group module with experienced practitioners dealing with the key elements of, and recent developments in general personal injuries litigation. It will also address new Covid-19 procedures that impact upon this area of practice.
Date Thursday 17 September  & Thursday 24 September
Time 1.30pm to  5.30pm 
Venue Live online via Zoom
Fee €425
Discounted* fee €350*
CPD Hours 7 Hours (by eLearning)
Topics and Issues to be covered
• The Statute of Limitations
• The Personal Injuries Assessment Board
• Personal Injuries practice and procedure under the Civil Liability and Courts Act 2004 
• The Rules of Court
• Damages - recent trends and issues
• The impact of Covid-19 on personal injuries litigation 
• Section 26 applications
• Data access in Personal Injuries matters
• Recent case law
• Claims involving an injured child
• Claims involving schools
• Practical considerations in claims against clubs
• Bullying and harassment claims
• Good practice and ethical issues
• Costs including S150 letters and adjudication
Speakers include:
Colette Reid, Solicitor and Programme Director 
Suzanne Hill – Solicitor and Assessor with the Injuries Board
Noel Guiden - Legal Costs Accountant and managing partner of Behan & Assoc.
  Niamh Mc Hugh BL, Law Library, Dublin
Sinéad Nunan - Managing Partner, Michael Houlihan & Partners, Solicitors
Stephen Hanaphy BL, Law Library, Dublin
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LegalEDTalks - Shrink Me Online Programme: Unlocking Wellbeing Together and Legal Lives Available until 30 September
The LegalEDTalks Shrink Me Online Programme, designed by the Psychological Services of the Law Society Education Department in collaboration with Law Society Finuas Skillnet and Skillnet Ireland, is available until 30 September to support members.
Shrink Me Online is a series of free eModules from expert speakers available now. Solicitors can avail of the CPD hours on offer. The series comprises two elements:
○ Unlocking Wellbeing Together - offering insights to help solicitors cope with their new reality of living, working - and perhaps parenting - from their domestic spaces. These are delivered by a range of wellbeing and mental health professionals; and
○ Legal Lives - providing rare access to some well-known individuals within the international and Irish legal communities, discussing the opportunities as well as the challenges posed to lawyers and law firms during this crisis. 
Shrink Me Online: Unlocking Wellbeing Together and Legal Lives Series
● Coldshock: Wim Hof practitioner, Níall Ó Murchu, in conversation with Trish Howard, psychotherapist.
● Wim Hof Method: Wim Hof Method breathing Master Class. 
● Parenting in a Pandemic: Psychotherapists Trish Howard and Lauren Gourley share ideas and concepts to help parents juggling being at home with their children with maintaining demanding jobs.
● Love, Lies and Justice: Irish Times columnist Fintan O’Toole speaks to international lawyer and author Prof. Philippe Sands, QC about his life as a lawyer as well as his groundbreaking books East West Street and The Ratline.
● The Life of Chris Parsons: Senior Herbert Smith Freehills Partner Chris Parsons joins psychotherapist Antoinette Moriarty in conversation about his life and career, and how he successfully overcame challenges to his mental health.  
● Appeal to a Higher Court: Recession, Rebound, Reimagination: Award-winning journalist, broadcaster and author Dearbhail McDonald is in conversation with Court of Appeal Judge Donald Binchy and former Court of Appeal Judge Michael Peart.  
● Domestic Violence: The Limitations of a Legal Response: Noeline Blackwell, human rights lawyer and CEO of the Dublin Rape Crisis Centre, and Ellen O'Malley-Dunlop, Acting CEO at Saoirse Women's Refuge, are in conversation with Sarah Benson, CEO at Women's Aid, to discuss their lives and careers. 
● June O’Connell: From Corporate Law to South Kerry: After 25 years as a corporate lawyer, June O’Connell realised that she needed a career change and followed her dream to co-found a gin and whiskey distillery in Co. Kerry. The former lawyer joins Journalist and CEO of The Currency, Tom Lyons to talk about what her journey has taught her for this time of uncertainty. 
● Leadership and Innovation in Law Firms: As a generation of lawyers acclimatise to working remotely, Paul Hayes, one of Europe’s leading technology strategists, speaks to Jeanne Kelly, senior partner in LK Shields to discuss the impact of coronavirus on law firms.
Accessing LegalED Talks
Shrink Me Online is delivered through LegalED Talks Learning Management Hub and uploaded in the form of new sessions weekly, so keep checking to make sure you don’t miss out on this great new learning support. The series is available now.
You can access the course HERE and click 'Book Now'. You will be asked to 'create an account' - even if you have done an online course with us before you need to do this. Do not try to 'Log in' as this will not work.  
*Please note, these courses are free to members of the Law Society of Ireland. However, non-members (including those who are not solicitors) are welcome to access the course.
Stay safe and well
If you require any assistance, or more information about any of the above, please contact or call 01 881 5727.